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Automatic loader for the hoppers feeding mounted on the machines for the packing of coffee beans. Total discharge of the product. The loader is furnished with suction lance for sacks and big bag.



The CA/G loaders are machines to be placed on the dosers and the industrial coffee grinders. Coffee is transferred automatically over a maximum vertical distance of 3 meters. The loader is supplied with a suction lance to be inserted in the BIG BAG

  1. For grains
    The machine was built with devices that allow you to load the coffee beans without damaging them

  2. Flexible
    Thanks to the telescopic feet the loader can be mounted on any type of hopper / industrial coffeegrinder. In case of specific details, we will make it based on customer needs.

  3. Variable charge
    The quantity of coffee loaded can be adjusted based on the actual use by using a potentiometer on the front of the loader.

Machine specifications:
Dimension (cm) 80 x 50 x 80
Power (W) 1000
Weight (Kg) 20