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Semiautomatic machine, complete of stampel, for the application of every kind of labels on cans up to 500 g. and bags up to 3 Kg. The labels can be completely wrapping up, partial or double side.



The ET/DATA/S labeller is a semi-automatic machine complete with stamp to apply any type of labels on cans up to 500 g and on bags up to 3 Kg. The labels can be partial, completely wrap-around or front and back.

  1. Easy to use
    Thanks to the simplified control panel, the machine is extremely simple and of immediate use.

  2. Flexible
    With the simple replacement of the label reel, it is possible to customize the just in time cans. Suitable for labeling plastic and cardboard cans.

  3. With selfinking stamp
    By means of a selector it is possible to include or not the stamping operation. The selfinking stamp allows you to produce thousands of pieces without stopping

Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max (mm)  
H Min - Max (mm)  
Machine specifications:
Output (p/h) 300
Dimension (cm) 90 x 65 x 125
Power (Kw) 0,8 Kw - 220 V
Weight (Kg) 65