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Seamers for tin cans

Semiautomatic seamer to close tin plate cans of 250 g. in standard atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in protective atmosphere with gases injection.



The AM/M1/ROT/SV/IG machine is a semiautomatic seamer that allows to close cans of tinplate from 125 to 500 g in a normal atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere.

On request: we can provide support for IoT system connections. In this case, the machine would comply in all respects with the requirements for the Industry 4.0.

For more information, please contact us.

  1. Perfect preservation

    Developed for those who need to guarantee the quality of the content over time, thanks to packaging in a protective atmosphere.

  2. High perfomance
    Thanks to the development of particular technologies developed by us, the AM / M1 /ROT / SV / IG is able to obtain the lowest % of residual oxygen, guaranteeing a greater longevity in the preservation of the packaged product.

  3. Safety
    Through photoelectric barriers, safety is guaranteed in all processing phases, safeguarding the operator's safety during routine operations.

Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max (mm) 73 - 160
H Min - Max (mm) 80 - 200
-- --
-- --
Machine specifications:
Output (p/h) 300
Dimension (cm) 110 x 140 x 210
Power (kw) 4 - 380V 50/60 Hz
Air pressure ( Bar ) 81 l/min - 6 Bar
Weight (Kg) 370