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Seamers for tin cans

Automatic universal seamer to close from 125 g. to  250 g. tinplate cans.



The AA1/ROT is an automatic universal seamer to close 250 g. tinplate, plastic and cardboard cans from 125 g. to 250 g.



    1. Easy and automatic

       The Seamer AA1/ROT, completely automatic, guarantees ease of use unmatched.

   2. Reliable

       Through some monitoring sensors, the machine is able to carry out the operations verifying independently all the steps, including the stop and verification operations in case of anomalies, with detailed report of working specifications.

   3. Sturdy

   Like all the automatic seamer, the AA1/ROT is able to support industrial production. It is equipped with top quality components wich makes it a  strong and long-lived machine.



Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max (mm) 73 -160
H Min - Max (mm) 10 -350
Machine specifications:
Output (p/h) 600
Dimension (cm) 220 x 125 x 170
Power (kw) 2 - 380V 50/60 Hz
Air pressure (Bar) 120 l/min - 6 Bar
Weight (Kg) 400