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Seamers for tin cans

Automatic seamer to close the 250 g. tin can in standard atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in protective atmosphere with gases injection.



The machine AA1/ROT/SV/IG is an automatic seamer that allows you to close tinplate cans from 125 to 500g in a normal atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere.

  1. Automatic for perfect preservation
    Fully automatic machine, made for who need to guarantee quality durability thanks to packaging in a protective atmosphere

  2. Performing
    Like the semiautomatic version, AA1/ROT/SV/IG is also able to obtain the lowest % of residual oxygen, ensuring greater longevity in the preservation of the packaged product.

  3. Safe and reliable
    Through the protection screens, safety is guaranteed in all the processing phases, safeguarding the operator's safety during routine operations. The monitoring sensors verify the execution of all operations including shutdown and verification in the event of an anomaly. The control panel shows the detail of the processing specifications and, in the case, the details of the anomalies that occurred.

Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max 73 - 160
H Min - Max 10 - 350
Machine specifications:
Ouyput (p/h) 300
Dimension (cm) 220 x 140 x 170
Power (Kw) 5 - 380V 50/60 Hz
Air pressure (Bar) 120 l/min
Weight (Kg) 580