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Gas injector

Injector of antioxidant gases at atmospheric pressure suitable for dome cans containing coffee beans and grained products with capacity from 1 to 3 Kg. The injector can not be used with ground coffee, powders and flours.



Inert gas injector at atmospheric pressure suitable for dome-shaped cans containing coffee beans and granular products with a capacity up to 10 Kg. The machine is not suitable for use with ground coffee, flours and powders.

  1. Economic compromise
    The GAS injector IG can work with the seamer AML/P and provide an economic and performing solution.

  2. Residual value lower than the  average
    Despite being a manual machine, the IG is able to reach a rediual oxygen value of less than 1%.

  3. Easy and versatile
    Besides being easy to use, the IG is very versatile thanks to its intuiitive adjustment system, allows you to switch from a capacity of 1 Kg. to 10 Kg. in few seconds.

Machine specifications:
Dimension (cm) 40 x 50 x 210
Power (Kw)  
Weight (Kg) 45