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Seamers for tin cans

The first manual


Universal manual seamer to close cardboard and plastic cans with capacity from 20 g. to 10 kg.

The pneumatic seamer type AML/PN is a manual seamer that allows to carry out two operations at the same time. The machine seams the cardboard cans and at the same time it carries the internal curl out on the opposite side. The practicalness of use and the simplicity in the change over, it placed to the first place like machine extremely flexible. Advised the START-UP or companies that intend to try on the market new products bounding the investments.



Universal pneumatic manual seamer for seaming the bottom and making the curl of cardboard cans with capacity from 20 g. to 10 kg.

  1. Easy to use
    Thanks to the simplified controls the use of the machine is extremely simple.

  2. Flexible
    Like the rest of the series, AML/PN is extremely flexible. By simply replacing the spindle, the type of package to be seamed can be changed quickly and easily.

  3. Cheap
    Designed for who want a reliable machine but want to safeguard the investments. Ideal for small businesses, for who want to open up to new markets and for START-UP.

Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max (mm) 30-250
H Min -Max (mm) 30 - 350
-- --
-- --
Machine specifications:
Output (p/h) 120
Dimension (cm) 55 x 70 170
Power (Kw) 0,37 / 220 V
Weight (Kg) 65