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Universal adapters

Universal adapters with reduction rings to mount directly the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Kg coffee cans on any type of grinders.  The adapters are complete with security shutter.

Universal adapters


The adapters allow to connect from 1 to 4 kg cans to coffee grinders, replacing the plastic bell. The strength of our adapters consists in being able to provide a solution for all types of coffee grinder.

Our database is already equipped with a wide range of models, however we are able to provide customized solutions on demand.

  1. Patented
    Our solution is copletely patented.

  2. Flexible
    Able to simply adapt to the various types of packaging on the market.

  3. Possibility of mixed order
    It is possibile order a minimum of 10 pieces with different connections for different brands of coffee grinders