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Cable conveyor

Automatic universal conveyor suitable to feed the hoppers mounted on the packing machines of coffee beans, ground coffee, cocoa, sugar, etc  The machine can be manufactured according to customer specifications. Particular attention has been adapted in the use of measures that will not damage the roasted coffee beans.



Universal automatic conveyor suitable to feed the hoppers mounted on machines for packaging dry foods.

  1. Customizable
    It can be produced according to specifications based on the required layout.

  2. To preserve the integrity
    The special loading and delivery system allows food to be kept intact while being transported.

  3. Flexible
    Suitable for transporting food ranging from flour to biscuits.

Container specifications:
Portata mod 40: 2,5 - 5 m cubi / ora
Portata mod 80: 6,5 - 13 m cubi / ora
Portata mod 150: 19,5 - 39 m cubi / ora
Machine specifications:
Dimensioni 370 x 88 x 260
Potenza installata 3 Kw 220 V 50 Hz
Peso 370 Kg