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Seamers for tin cans

Semiautomatic seamer for closing containers from 2 to 4 kg. vacuum, in a normal atmosphere or in a protective atmosphere with gas injection.



The machine AM/M2/ROT/SV/IG is a semiautomatic seamer that allows to close tinplate cans from 2 to 4 Kg in a normal atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere.

  1. Semiautomatic for big formats
    The first sem-automatic designed and built for big format packaging.

  2. Precise
    We are able to obtain the lowest percentage of residual oxygen thanks to the use of technologically advanced products.

  3. Cheap and sturdy
    In the semiautomatic version it is possible to save on investment by safeguarding the technical characteristics that make it in any case suitable for high-level industrial production.

Container specifications:
∅ Min - Max (mm) 73 - 240
H Min - Max (mm) 80 - 350
Machine specifications:
Output (p/h) 300
Dimension (cm) 100 x 195 x 220
Power (Kw) 5 - 380V 50-60 Hz
Air pressure (Bar) 81 l/min - 6 Bar
Weight (Kg) 520