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Seamers for tin cans

Automatic seamer for the closing of tin plate cans form 2 to 4 Kg. in standard atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in protective atmosphere with gases injection.



The machine AA2/ROT/SV/IG is an automatic seamer that allows to close tin cans from 2 to 4 Kg. in a normal atmosphere, vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere.

On request we can provide support for IoT system connections. In this case, the machine would comply in all respects with the requirements for the Industry 4.0 plan.

For more information, please contact us.

  1. Automatic for big format
    Fully automatic for sizes from 2 to 10 kg, as in the semi-automatic version, it has been designed and developed to produce big format metal packaging.

  2. Precise
    like the other seamer is developed with excellent materials to obtain the lowest percentage of residual oxygen, for a better conservation of the contents.

  3. Sturdy and fast
    Equipped with components among the best on the market, it is able to pack 8 cans per minute, in the double head version. Ideal for industrial production and for who need to produce large volumes.