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Universal automatic loader for the hoppers feeding mounted on the machines for the packing of coffee beans, ground coffee,  and seeds. Total discharge of the product. Self-cleaning filter incorporated in the charging head. Anti-bridging mixer in the hopper on the floor. The loader is aviable also with suction lance for big bag.



The CA/U and CA/L loaders allow automatic transfer of coffee beans and ground coffee over moderate distances using turbines driven by single-phase motors. The standard models are designed to be positioned close to the fillers. The L version is equipped with a suction lance in place of the loading hopper to be inserted in the BIG BAG.

  1. For beans and ground cofee
    The machine was built with devices that allow you to load the coffee beans without damaging the beans. Without making any adjustments, it can also be used to load ground coffee.

  2. Simplified positioning
    The loading hopper is easy to access and the whole structure of the machine mounted on wheels, allows it to be positioned in several points of the building.

  3. Guaranteed quantity
    The quantity of coffee loaded will always be constant during the use because by means of a timer mounted on the control panel, it is possible to set the frequency and duration of the vacuum filter cleaning cycles.

Machine specifications:
Dimension (cm) 1450 x 9 x 275
Power (Kw) 0,75
Weight (Kg) 250